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Application & Admissions Process

  1. Schedule a parent visit to the school (Mon-Thursday between 3:15 & 5pm)

    • Receive application packet at visit

  2. Schedule a parent observation (optional)

    • Montessori: Mon-Fri between 8:30 & 11am

    • Elementary: Mon-Fri 8:45-10:15 (time for questions from 10:15-10:30am) 
                             or 10:30am-12noon (questions from 12-12:15pm)

    • Parent may stay as long as they desire in those time frames

  3. Turn in completed application with $100 non-refundable application fee

  4. Schedule a time for the child to visit during school hours (more details about child visits are in the application packet)

  5. Acceptances will be given after the child has visited the school

    • We can only accommodate a certain number of children per grade, so we will keep a waiting list for each grade

    • Admissions occur on a rolling basis: first-come, first-serve as space is available or as space becomes available

    • Contract will be given for the school year

  6. Signed contract and tuition deposit must be returned in order to reserve the child’s spot in our school

    • Tuition deposit is equal to one-month of the 10-month payment plan ($450/month for half-day primary students, $550/month for full-day primary students and $600/month for elementary students)

    • Tuition deposit will be credited to the year’s tuition

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